The shit show that was Do Over on Memorial Day weekend

Nirav is in town from San Francisco for work at Google so we spent Sunday afternoon/evening in Williamsburg with his friend Kevin.

Rest in peace Jessica Taylor. You were among one of my favorite friends at Art Center.

Last night’s PDN 30 lecture at SVA theatre

This is what happened to me during Hurricane Sandy. 

A few weekends ago:
Sunday Brunch at Olea and rooftop reading/sunbathing with Brianna Harden 

Art Center Photo End of First Term Fall 2007.
Wow. Time has flown by.  

I went to the bay area to visit a few select friends and my parents in April. I miss my dog Chase and my parents just bought a condo in San Francisco that overlooks the SFMoMA rooftop sculpture garden. Exciting new things up ahead.

my friend Daniel from Management Artists shot these Instagram photos of me on Monday night while we were out in Chinatown.

left: Sunday brunch at Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. 1 hour & 20 minute wait.
middle: there’s a pit on the lower level of the PS 1 MoMA filled with yarn
right: Fruit on display at PS 1 MoMA