Out in the neighborhood and past by a lemonade stand. The cup matches my dress!

I used to live a few blocks away from here in San Francisco.

Jessica’s friend Jared, who also happens to be an artist, did an art performance piece at her studio.

Long story short, he had his family members and friends cover his beard in wax and had his mother cut the beard off. He welcomed others to wear the beard after it was cut off. 

The other week while I was in Utah, Jessica and I went to Provo to help shoot some local fashion designs for a charity fashion show.


Had brunch with Rosa Ng on Monday at Peels.
One of my favorite lunch/brunch spots in the East Village. 

We’re going to do a shoot together this weekend. So excited. 

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Attention: It’s not that hard to get a table at Momofuku Noodle Bar. However, I’m sure it’s harder to grab a seat at David Chang’s other Momofuku restaurants. 

A Week in Review: Los Angeles

Took a drive down to LA after Christmas until New Years Day. Ran a bunch of errands and saw a few select friends. I don’t think I’ll be in LA again for a long time. 

Rickey the Pirate is one of my favorite bums in DTLA. I ran into him on my way back to the Rosslyn lofts. He walked me home, talked a little and gave me this in exchange for a dollar. 

Was reunited with my lovely friend Solomon Sloan. He recently got into a car accident in October. He is recovering, which makes me relieved. I adore him. He has a cane :[ 

While in Orange County, Kim and I were azn and went to Guppy’s and did sticky pics. It’s been awhile since I had girl talk over brick toast and tapioca milk tea drinks. Stick pics were so much fun! 

Beezy and Rizzo. Favorite Boston Terriers, everrr. Beezy wouldn’t stop playing fetch with me. <3 

Kim, Kane and I watched a documentary movie entitled Dear Zachary. It was the most depressing movie ever. This is what they were doing to decompress after a stressful/depressing movie. 

Caught up with Amy at the SB Spring lofts in DTLA. It was really nice to see her, play with Rio and find out about all these new upcoming projects! I’m so excited to get back to NY to create and for what’s in store for 2012.